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 Jenna Snyder –  ‘Through My City’

Jenna Snyder is a dynamic and versatile artist hailing from Cumberland, MD, with a flair for creating captivating music that resonates with listeners. Balancing her successful career as a full-time hairstylist and business owner, Jenna channels her passion and life experiences into her music, crafting lyrics that serve as a cathartic expression of her struggles and victories. 

Her sound is an intriguing blend of genres, from pop to hip-hop, with an occasional foray into gospel, reflecting her well-rounded musical identity. Best known for her heartfelt singles “I Will Rise” and the crowd-favorite “Night Ride”, Jenna draws inspiration from musical giants such as Rihanna and Eminem. As she navigates the intricate music industry, she continues to grow as an artist and aims to expand her brand, setting her sights on larger live shows and tours in the future.

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