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Jermaine Dupri has collaborated with many famous artists throughout the years However, Drake is not been one of them.

Legendary producer Drizzy stopped by to speak to HipHopDX during 2022’s Soul Train Awards red carpet on Sunday (November 13) and said that he’d do anything to record the next R&B album for Drizzy.

“Drake makes R&B records and I feel like at some point he should make a real R&B song,” Dupri stated, and the DX’s Jeremy Hecht said he should make the 6 God’s debut R&B album.

“I feel like something like that would be crazy,” Dupri declared.

As Drake is enjoying the many benefits and controversy that came with his new Billboard chart topping album Her Loss with 21 Savage, Jermaine Dupri has been vocally putting his support behind DVSN’s latest song “If I Get Caught,” and has compared the song’s popularity to the UTFO’s “Roxanne, Roxanne’ due to the amount of response records it has spawned.

“Yo, this song, this shit right here, it’s doing some shit yo,” Jermaine Dupri wrote on Instagram as he stood in the front of the cover artwork. “I ain’t even gonna hold you. I was expecting the back and forth exchange, but females are responding and making videos, man this is insane, and this is could be an R&B record.”

Then he continued to draw comparisons between “If I Get Caught” to the Roxanne Wars in the 1980s. “I haven’t heard a song similar to this for a record time frame when I was just a child and UTFO and “Roxanne, Roxanne.’ This song is a joke. Man, N-Ggas are talking about how they create songs that are anthems. It’s an R&B motherfucking song.”

Dupri was previously responded to the haters in “If I Get Caught,” declaring the haters “musically blind.”

“The people I see with something bad to say about ‘If I Get Caught’ I’m sure have never listened to blues,” Dupri tweeted. “And if you never listened to blues.then you’re musically blind in my book and you can’t see what we did.”

Although Her Loss isn’t being an R&B recording, Drake and 21 Savage’s album was released at the top of the pile at. one on the Billboard 200 this week and produced massive numbers. Based on the HITS Daily Double, Her Loss was able to move 411,000 equivalent units during the week that began and was reportedly one of the largest streaming weeks of all time, with an estimated 500 million.

Drake Subtly Shades Taylor Swift While Celebrating ‘Her Loss’ Billboard Hot 100 Success

Drake has now made it two times this year to top his position on the Billboard 200, following his seventh album Really, Nevermind which was released in June.