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It’s already the half-way mark of October, yet I’m prepared for 2022’s end. It’s true that I don’t have any resolutions or trips scheduled for the coming year However, I have eight albums that are in my year-end “Top 10” list. The Dreamville’s JIDhas an AOTY-related contender by releasing The Forever Story album. The Forever Story album. The album is a personal account of his life from football fields in college and on to Revenge of the Dreamers recording sessions. The songs on the album will entice you to the point that you’ll be amazed by the music you’ve just heard. an album titled “Crack Sandwich.”

After a brief preview of track 8 “Bruddanem,” viewers will be entertained with the visual aids supplied by the directors, Mac Grant and Chad Tennies from a night out at New Orleans with JID and his siblings.