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Filipino singers JMara along with Bulabog Ng Morobeats collaborate to release their emotional new single, “INAANTAY” (Waiting) The track addresses loneliness as well as despair and hopelessness.

The track runs close to 3 mins (and currently being referred to by the label “teaser”), JMara is back with another passionate performance that combines singing and rapping to an upbeat that is sombre from The Morobeats founding member and DJ Medmessiah who also produced the video for this song.

In keeping with his Filipino label’s distinctive one-take style of visuals In keeping with the label’s signature one-take visual style, the “Mahal Kong Pilipinas” rapper is seen performing in the midst the slow moving crowd.

In a post on Facebook earlier this month, Morobeats revealed that the motivation behind their street-centric aesthetic is that they are trying to show the development of their rappers their rap styles through the decades.

How Morobeats Is Putting Pinoy–And Mindanao–Hip Hop On The Map, DIY-Style

In Tagalog, “The real reason the reason our music videos are always shot one-take and with the artist walking toward cameras] is that we evaluate and show the development of the careers of our artists and one-take video clips are the most natural, and also realistic and realistic, which is exactly the type of thing we prefer to base our videos on because we don’t have cars, ladies or other items of a high-end design to boast about in real life.

This is why we ensure that our music videos are as authentic to life as is possible, and to ensure that we connect with people as us and the message we hope to convey.”

Watch “Inaantay” below: