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Juelz Santana has revealed why his as well as Lil Wayne‘s long-awaited album I Can’t Feel My Face is yet to be released by a major label.

In an interview with VladTV The Harlem native talked about the issues that obstructed the release of his in the first place, as did Weezy dropping his album.

In the early 2000s, Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne were causing the midst of a frenzy over reports of a collaborative album in the works but there was no sign of it. The result was an unreleased version of the album that was leaked online and there was little publicity compared to the level of excitement that could have been if the album been released in full release.

“Me and Wayne, just like normal, we did a bunch of records together,” Juelz explained. “A project worth of ours was released. Around 20 albums were published, and one of them includes an album called “I’m Not Feeling My Face” that you can see. Politically the album was not able to release the album on a major label due to the fact that the music industry was dominated by political sway in the time and then you had Def Jam, Universal, Cash Money and Diplomats, you’re aware of what I’m talking about.

“Four different entities needed to agree on a deal and sign a single agreement to push a particular project. You can see that Wayne was supposed to release an album in conjunction with T-Pain. the album by T-Wayne. The album didn’t come out. To be clear that it was not an Juelz and Wayne situation.”

He said: “That time, like the way you can get projects today from major artists it was not possible to return to the same day as our time due to the fact that it was too complex to receive the project. It wasn’t just about the artists. We were cool and were creating music with each other. It was a lot larger than us. We didn’t have complete control. It’s now much less. So, you can now get Durk or Lil Baby or enjoy Drake and Future.”

Juelz was able to elaborate on why the idea behind the project was to keep the concept of albums that were collaborative alongside other musicians. “I Can’t Feel My Facial” was envisioned to be the first of a series of projects. Wayne and Juelz would have handled the initial release, and the next installments would feature two other rappers who are superstars.

However, label politics and the strict guidelines that were in force at that point have thwarted these plans, but Juelz and Wayne remain good friends and recorded other songs together.

According to Juelz the singer, it’s not an issue of when “I Can’t See My Facial release, but rather when. “We actually have music being recorded at the moment and as far as an I Can’t See My Face project is concerned, it’s me and Wayne haven’t gotten to the point of as if it’s ever going to come out. It might be out on the next day.”

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Additionally, Lil Wayne was recently recognized with his own exhibition in the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) to mark his 40th birthday.

According to a press release according to an official press release, the NMAAM situated in Nashville, Tennessee, opened an exhibition for visitors to see artifacts donated by Weezy including the Grammy Award for Rap Album of the Year as well as the BET “I Am Hip-Hop” Award, a handwritten note from Rikers Island, and an original CD from his debut album on major labels Tha Block is Hot.

Visitors to the exhibit will also listen to a live speech by Lil Wayne as well as live music. There’s also an interactive part of the exhibit in which visitors can record themselves singing the lyrics of Lil Wayne in an impromptu rap studio that was set up by the NMAAM.