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Juvenile Upset Over Essence Fest Snub. The legendary rapper had a triumphant comeback at the Essence Fest this year. Despite being snubbed by the Hip Hop 50 list, Juvenile still greatly impacted the crowd. Held at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, the Essence Festival is a fan favorite.

Juvenile Makes a Comeback at Essence Fest

Juvenile Upset Over Essence Fest Snub.

Juvenile’s comeback at the Essence Fest was nothing short of spectacular.

Although, Juvenile has been very vocal about his disappointment in being snubbed.

The Essence Fest put out posters of hip-hop stars without including Juveniles, as stated by BET.

So, he went on Twitter to express his disdain by saying.

” How is essence doing 50 years of hip-hop in New Orleans without me???”

As a result, Juvenile is promoting “Donna Fest.”

And he allegedly mentioned he would rather New Orleans attend “Donna Fest,” as stated by TMZ.

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Hip Hop 50 Snub Can’t Keep Juvenile Down

Despite Juvenile being snubbed by the Hip Hop 50 list, the rapper continues proving he is an icon in the game.

His absence from the hip-hop list has caused quite a stir.

However, Juvenile is not the artist to let such a snub keep him down.

It is no doubt that Juvenile is hip-hop royalty.


Of course, he should have been included in Essence Fest.

After all, he created tunes such as “Back That Azz Up” and “Ha.”

Those songs were extremely popular with fans.

So, I can understand why Juvenile was upset with Essence Fest.