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Kanye West‘s recent apology to the Jewish community for his antisemitic comments is not sitting right with radio and TV personality Peter Rosenberg.

Talking to TMZ about the matter on Thursday (December 28), the Hot97 host agreed with the media outlet that Ye probably used Chat GPT to craft his “inauthentic” apology posted to Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday (December 26).


In addition, Pete thinks it was done so merely to clear a sample for his forthcoming album with Ty Dolla $ign, Vultures.

“I thought [upon hearing Kanye’s apology], ‘I wonder what the sample is that Kanye needs to try and clear before Friday,’ Peter began. “We all know Kanye notoriously is late with handling album stuff and I just wonder whether there was something getting held up and someone said, ‘Hey, this sample does not get cleared if he does not issue an apology.’ And like you said, he just goes on Chat GPT and boom, we get an ‘apology.’ Of course [I’m not buying it.]”


He continued: “No part of me believes this apology. I totally agree that the Hebrew part was so either intentionally or unintentionally offensive as if American Jews can just read Hebrew without vowels. Like, bro. It’s just another offensive thing. One thing we know about Kanye – he’s many things. Inauthentic is not one of them. And that comment was so inauthentic that it lets you know it couldn’t actually be from him.

“This whole Hitler fascination this is now a years-long thing,” he concluded. “We’re talking about multiple years now. Honestly, the sad thing is, I don’t think there’s an apology out there that could make people feel better and forget about this.”

As previously reported, Yeezy took to his recently-reactivated Instagram account to post an apology written in Hebrew this week, promising that he’s “committed to making amends” with the Jewish community.

“I sincerely apologize to the Jewish community for any unintended outburst caused by my words or actions,” the apology reads when translated. “It was not my intention to hurt or demean, and I deeply regret any pain I may have caused.”


The statement reads on: “I am committed to starting with myself and learning from this experience to ensure greater sensitivity and understanding more in the future. Your forgiveness is important to me, and I am committed to making amends and promoting unity.”

Ye’s apology received a response from the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) shortly afterward, with the activist organization confessing it isn’t sure how to take the mea culpa.

Consequence Strikes Out At Kanye West For 'Slap In The Face': 'I Will Always Need Respect'

Consequence Strikes Out At Kanye West For ‘Slap In The Face’: ‘I Will Always Need Respect’

“After causing untold damage by using his vast influence and platform to poison countless minds with vicious antisemitism and hate, an apology in Hebrew may be the first step on a long journey towards making amends to the Jewish community and all those who he has hurt,” the activist organization wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (December 26).

“Ultimately, actions will speak louder than words but this initial act of contrition is welcome.”


Kanye West’s string of antisemitic comments began in October 2022 when he claimed on Twitter he was going to go “Death Con 3 on Jewish people.” Def Jam, adidas, Gap and other companies quickly severed ties with the Chicago-bred mogul.

He then appeared on Alex Jones’ Infowars show in December 2022 where he alleged that he “saw good things about Hitler.”


West again enflamed his relationship with the Jewish community when he rapped about how he had sexual relations with a “Jewish bitch” on his new single “Vultures.”