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Kanye West has received a lot of criticism over the past few weeks due to his controversial anti-Semitic comments But Minister Louis Farrakhan is in his side.

Farrakhan spoke to the media the previous Wednesday (November 10, 2010) in a lengthy diatribe of 50 minutes with a fervent defend Kanye West and the embattled NBA superstar Kyrie Irving whom the NBA has suspended, according to The Brooklyn Nets, for their actions.

“Another brother is known as”a rapper” but is much more than this brother Ye. And there’s a controversy being raging around these two brothers that has caused a terrible division within a community that can at most easily afford to be ripped further by misunderstanding.

“Unfortunately parts of ignorance that we don’t see the enemy who is working 100 percent to bring bloodshed about among us because of the serious nature of what is happening.”

The minister added: “Some of you that have been pursuing him are the ones who have taken away from him, and from us, the ability to know self. You have taken our language, you took our culture as well as our past and our thoughts and integrated your mind into our heads through your system.

“I will stand on the truth that I was taught and stand with God… As long as I stand with God, I will be the winner and so will Ye and so will Kyrie and so will any of us who want truth in our lives.”

Louis Farrakhan previously defended Kanye in October via a social media video in which he claimed that Kanye West was innocent. Chicago native was not guilty of anything.

“Kanye West don’t bow to the pressure to apologize to anybody,” he said. “You said nothing wrong.”

Kanye West has had his name being dragged through dirt a lot of times as lately, and several companies that he’s worked with previously have ended their ties with the rapper as well as Balenciaga, Vogue, Def Jam, and adidas due to the impact of his controversial statements earlier this month.

The net worth of Ye took a major drop after being let go by adidas. As per Forbes the report shows that the $1.9 billion net worth plunged to $400,000.

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In the meantime, Kanye West is facing a new lawsuit regarding the Boogie Down Productions sample on “Life of the Party,” his collaboration with Andre 3000 from the year before’s Donda.

The lawsuit was not filed through BDP chief KRS-One however, but by the company that holds ownership rights of Boogie Down Productions’ iconic 1986 Bridge Wars diss “South Bronx,” which was claimed to have been taken without permission.

Based on the TMZ the unidentified company says Ye and his group initially approached them to get rid of this sample but a deal was not reached. However, this did not stop him from Chicago native from withdrawing his request and using the sample in the end.