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Kanye West‘s Hebrew greeting he used to announce his return to Twitter has gotten a response from the country of Israel.

Ye tweeted out “Shalom” when Elon Musk restored his Twitter account on Sunday (November 20) following his suspension from numerous social media sites in October related to anti-Semitic hate speech.

Israel responded to Ye’s tweet, writing that as a country it “would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.”

Check out the tweet below:

After a contentious few weeks for the Yeezy mogul following a series of disparaging comments made about Jewish peopleGeorge Floyd and white supremacy on Fox NewsDrink Champs and other outlets, Ye apologized for his “hurtful” comments in an October sit-down with Piers Morgan.

“I will say I’m sorry for the people that I hurt with the Death Con,” he said. “I feel like I caused hurt and confusion and I’m sorry for the families of the people that had nothing to do with the trauma that I’d been through. And I used my platform where you say, ‘Hurt people, hurt people.’ And I was hurt.

“I wanna say that it’s wrong to hold an apology hostage and I gotta let go of that and free myself of the trauma and say, ‘Look, I’m just gonna give it all up to God right now. And say to those families that are hurt I really wanna give you guys a big hug and I say I’m sorry for hurting you with my comments.”

Ye continued: “And I want to word it not in a political way, but a presidential way, which means what I knew to be a president when I was growing up.”

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The apology seemed to have come too late, as adidas, Balenciaga, Chase Bank and even Def Jam have all since cut ties with the Chicago star. Most recently, the company behind the Stem Player used to release Donda 2 has also terminated its relationship with Ye, telling the Los Angeles Times it’s already released new “Ye-free” devices.

However, these setbacks don’t seem to have stopped Ye from pursuing his presidential aspirations, as he announced on Monday (November 21) that he is once again running for president, and that his forthcoming “Ye 24” campaign merch would only cost $20.

“This is the update. We are the update,” he told celebrity gossip site X17. “That’s all we need to do. As a species, we need to update together. Everything’s been so divisive. Think about when they say ‘diversity’ — people look at that like it’s a good thing, but we’re the United States of America. We’re a universe. We’re a university. We’re a republic.”