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Kelly Rowland doesn’t like fans dimming her lights when compared to Beyonce, her Destiny’s Child running partner Beyonce.

KR was on Hot 97 for a recent interview. Co-host Peter Rosenberg asked Rowland about how she managed to “check her ego” and be second only to Bey.

“Here’s the thing: light draws light. I am light” she replied at the 13 minute mark. “I am a gorgeous brown glowing bright. Therefore, I don’t believe that anyone’s light is dimming anyone else’s. If people begin to talk about to you, this is the time to show how dim they think they are in comparison to themselves.

“So I won’t let anyone other than me who is trying to dim my glow to anyone else. I am in love with Bey and I am sure that she’s a shining star and I’m sure that I’m also a light.”

Rowland added: “People only see things in a single-sided way. I’m not a fan of when people only place only one person in a single position. We shine as a team.”

In the context of comparison being the thief of joy numerous Rowland supporters slammed Rosenberg for asking this question in the way that Rosenberg did.

It seems that the Hot 97 co-host heard the criticism and then apologized for his behavior the following the 18th of November (November 18,) in the form of hitting”congratulations, you played yourself” button “congratulations, you played yourself” button.

Rosenberg admitted that he felt immediately that he had made a mistake in the manner he asked the question regarding Beyonce and also admitted that he had made the mistake of sending Kelly Rowland a direct message apologized for how it was released.

“I was trying to ask her about thriving while having to deal with working with someone who is such a big star… People didn’t like the terminology of playing ‘second,'” said the actor. “It’s so evident in my mind that she’s an icon I didn’t even hesitate to bring the subject up in conversations. In retrospect I mentioned it in a manner that seemed unprofessional and I can understand the reason why people were upset over it.”

In the year the year of 2018 Kelly Rowland reunited with her father for the first time in over 30 years, and not without some crucial tips received from JAY Z.

On The Today Show with her father in March, the pop star disclosed the exact words Hov said to her prior to the momentous event of her career.

JAY-Z Gave Kelly Rowland Advice That Helped Her Reunite With Her Father After 30 Years

“He stated, ‘Love is about taking risks. You gotta decide if you’re gonna jump,'” she recalled. “‘You going to jump? This is what he asked me when he asked me if I would like to jump? ‘”

In addition to Destiny’s Child news, Method Man recently apologized to the group for an incident that occurred at Janet Jackson’s MTV Icon special in 2001.

In an interview interview Math Hoffa, he detailed how he treated Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams wrongly as a result of an insecurity and lack of self-esteem on his own.