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Filipino rapper kiyo surprises fans with a brand-new single, “MAMAPATAWADMALALANA!” (Mama, Sorry It’s Gotten Worse!) an exciting change from his usual low-fi R&B-influenced style.

“MAMAPATAWADMALALANA!” sees the Pinoy rap star commenting on fellow rappers (Mga rapper sa Pinas puro patatas, which translates to “Rappers in the Philippines are potatoes”), with the self-directed visual shows him going on a hot air balloon ride and riding a dirt bike and a 4×4 truck.

Our exclusive chat with kiyo at the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival (AMS) The rapper says, “I’ve been making different kinds of music since I started. This is why I’m not settling in one place. I’m sure I’ve convinced myself that I would like to be on the gray areas and wanted to construct bridges. My style evolved, I created to be more adaptable and expand my horizons. It’s something I did: I pushed music that was outside from my zone of comfort, and today we’re here.”

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The track follows on from the smooth cut “Glasshouse,” that features clips from the Singapore trip to the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival in September.

Watch the music video for “MAMAPATAWADMALALANA!” below: