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Kodak Black has weighed in on the conflict in the Middle East and called on Hamas to release Israeli hostages from Gaza.

In a video obtained by TMZ before the rapper was sent to jail for violating his probation, Kodak pledged support for what he called his “Hebrew homies.”


The Florida native, who has previously identified as a Black Hebrew Israelite, also showed off a new piece of jewelry, a $20,000 ring emblazoned with the Star of David.

“It’s just like perfect timing. Perfect timing ’cause, unfortunately, we’re dealing with this tragedy over there in Israel,” he said after flexing his new bling.


“My heart to go out to them. My heart goes out to all the Haitians too. Israel’s a chosen land just like Haiti. So if my word means anything, I want all the hostages free. Free all the hostages.”

“You know, Bill Israel,” he added, referencing his 2020 album. “My daddy named David, I’m the Star of David, so I love that shit … All the Hebrew homies.”

Kodak Black’s stance is the opposite of Macklemore, who recently declared “Free Palestine” while on stage.

He later elaborated on his stance in a video posted to Instagram, saying: “When I say free Palestine, it’s not against anyone. It actually means we should protect everyone. It means equality for all. Respect, peace and love. It means the right to exist, regardless of what sector you’re from.


“My intention is to never offend anyone. I want every soul in this arena to feel the reflection of love. But there’s innocent humans out in Gaza getting murdered with our dollars, and those precious human lives are an extension of us.”

He continued: “I can’t get up here and jump around in a fur coat and pretend while in my gut…my gut’s saying, ‘you know better, Ben.’ The ancestors yelling, ‘you’d better step up for us!’

Drake’s Father Supports Rapper’s Silence On Israel/Hamas Conflict

Drake’s Father Supports Rapper’s Silence On Israel/Hamas Conflict

“I love my Jewish brothers and sisters so much. And my perspective is one that’s saying ‘free Palestine’ is also rooted in your protection, my loves. And there isn’t a drop of antisemitic thought in my head or my blood. Never again, means never again for all.”

Since Hamas attacked Israel in October, reportedly killing up to 1,600 people, Israel has responded with a blockade and bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s ongoing attack has seen over 20,000 Palestinians killed and around 70 percent of the population displaced.