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Kodak Black’s Drug Case Dismissed: Lawyer Seeks Bond Reinstatement. Surprisingly, rapper Kodak Black has achieved a significant legal victory as his drug case has been dismissed. The 24-year-old artist, whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, has been embroiled in a lengthy legal battle after being arrested on drug and weapon charges in 2023. However, the recent dismissal of his drug case has provided a ray of hope for the rapper and his legal team.

 Kodak Black’s Drug Case Dismissed: A Major Legal Victory

Kodak Black’s Drug Case Dismissed: Lawyer Seeks Bond Reinstatement.

He can finally breathe a sigh of relief as his drug case has been dismissed. The charges against him stemmed from an arrest in December 2023.

The rapper was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, as stated by Hot New Hip Hop. At the time of arrest, Kodak was on probation, which complicated things.

However, the substance that was found on Kodak was Oxycodone, not cocaine. Therefore, his attorney, Bradford Cohen, was able to get the drug possession charges dropped.

According to Yahoo, the judge ruled,

“Judge Barbara Duffy of the Broward County Circuit in South Florida ruled that prosecutors on Black’s case could not disprove the fact that the rapper had a legit oxycodone prescription filled by a pharmacy at the time of his arrest. According to a report, Judge Duffy stated that due to this inability to refute or negate that fact, there was no case against Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri.”

The dismissal of the drug case represents a significant triumph for the rapper, who has faced numerous legal issues throughout his career.

His legal team argued this was ‘an abuse of discretion.’ In other words, filing a charge on an individual with a legal prescription was unwarranted.

Prosecutors allegedly ignored the fact that Kodak’s Oxycodone was prescribed by his physician.

This revelation dealt a severe blow to the prosecution’s case, leading to the dismissal of the charges.

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 Attorney Bradford Cohen Seeks Reinstatement of Kodak Black’s Bond

Following the dismissal of Kodak Black’s drug case, his lawyer is now seeking the reinstatement of his bond. Now that the judge has resolved the initial issue, Kodak should be freed.

However, his case is slightly more complicated because Kodaks faces two other charges. According to Yahoo, Kodak still has to answer for an ongoing drug trafficking case from 2022.

Kodak received a pardon from former president Donald Trump. That pardon was for a three-year sentence for falsifying documents. And, allegedly, Kodak is going to buy weapons.

It is now up to Judge McDuffy to decide if Kodak will get a bond. While Kodak is still in a federal detention center in Miami, he remains hopeful.

As his legal team fervently pursues the reinstatement of his bond, the future of this controversial artist hangs in the balance.

With this significant legal victory, Kodak Black hopes to turn a new leaf and refocus on his music career.