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Kodak Receives Rolls-Royce & Cash Bonanza For 6ix9ine Collab. Two of the hottest names in the music industry, Kodak Black and 6ix9ine, recently joined forces. Their new collaboration has been making waves on the charts, earning Kodak Black a nice chunk of change.

Kodak Black’s Musical Partnership Earned Him A Financial Windfall

Kodak Receives Rolls-Royce & Cash Bonanza For 6ix9ine Collab.

The collaboration between Kodak Black and 6ix9ine a proven to be very lucrative.

According to Vibe, manager Wack 100 claims Kodak, “He came in a black car, and he left in a Rolls-Royce.” 

Although some of the collaborations were met with overwhelming criticism, Kodak has done well.

Kodak and Tekashi’s single ‘Skaka Laka’ may be having commercial success.

The infectious beat and catchy lyrics have resonated with fans.

And fans don’t seem to mind it was Kodak on the track.

Also, Kodak’s involvement has been quite lucrative.

Tekashi has allegedly gifted Kodak a Rolls-Royce.

In addition, a large amount of cash was given to sweeten the pot.

The exact amount has not been disclosed, but it is rumored to be a substantial sum.

In a show of appreciation for Kodak Black’s contribution to their joint success,

6ix9ine surprised his partner with a brand new Rolls-Royce, a vehicle synonymous with luxury and prestige.

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