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Lancey Foux has released his sixth album of studio work, LIFE IN HELL A psychoedelic trap album that’s loaded with high-energy beats and the rapper’s most diverse music to date.

Since the last quarter of 2021, the Foux’s new album is a more significant move in his professional career. He is known for his rage-traps that split his speakers. lyrics, LIFE IN HELL has the familiar sound throughout 22 tracks. The highlights like “Lancey or Lancey”, “Sun Moon” and “World on Fire” are on par with the usual offerings. However, it’s the more gentle aspect that is the LIFE IN HELL that gives Lancey his greatest songs to this point. The album’s opening track “Spirit of X2C” is an ethereal piano-based ballad. “Lies Will Set You Free” is interspersed with a focused on the subject as well as emotional weight. “Casino Royale / Thank You” is a song with a minimal Auto-Tune which is Lancey being at the most intimate. By combining both pockets this record has the potential to please current fans as well as draw new ones.

On the guest list are Kaytranada 070 Shake, Kaytranada and Jah$tar. Kaytranada creates a new album standout, “High Grade”, while GOOD Music’s 070 shake is the lead singer of the uplifting song “Now > Then”. In addition to these tracks however, the East London artist carries the album’s bulk, singing and rapping about his diverse selections of production to the present.

The album’s title can easily be taken as satanic, nevertheless LIFE IN Hell is an allusion to the “Hell on Earth” mythology, which makes Lancey critiques the morally deficient the world we live in.

Take a listen to Lancey Foux’s brand new album below.