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“Lavish Spazzin” from Hoodtrophy Bino (SODMG) + Spank Nitti James

HoodTrophy Bino is a full circle rapper who blends his childhood experience growing up in the South Central LA projects into the music he writes today. He met Soulja Boy while serving time together, and the two quickly developed a friendship which later led to his signing. Spank Nitti James is a rapper from Hemet, in the Inland Empire of California, who works closely with producer Hit Boy and was featured on his recent album Surf or Drown. 

From the very first notes, “Lavish Spazzin” grabs your attention with an iconic piano riff that seizes the ear. Its production is masterfully cool, a seamless sound that unfolds with an air of nonchalant brilliance. The track skillfully pays homage to a prolific era’s timeless elements, while boldly charting a course for the future. Complete with deep-cut vocals, layers of subtle yet distinctive sonics, and an addictive hook, the track is steeped in decadence. In the accompanying music video, HoodTrophy Bino and Spank Nitti are surrounded by stunning women and reveling in the rappers’ emblems of success.

Hoodtrophy Bino:




Spank Nitti James: