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Lil Durk is experiencing a sudden change in heart and has pledged in a new interview that he will not discuss those who died on any of his upcoming rhymes.

In a recent interview during a conversation with Rolling Stone In a recent interview, the Chicago native talked about his desire to make a change in his lifestyle since he’s about to enter an exciting new phase of his career, and more people are watching his. As per Lil Durk, he’s dealt with so much hurt and sorrow prior to turning 30 , he’s finally over his grief and wants to share an alternative message through his music, which is usually driven by violence from guns and other sources.

“Even if you do 99 percent of shit right, you still got 1 percent of the demons with you,” Durk stated to the newspaper. “You are angry quickly and one response could cost you one billion dollars. This is why I don’t use names anymore [in my music[in my music]. I’m not speaking about the dead any morenothing or none of it.”

Durkio stated that violence has caused him to lose so much that he does not expect the same fate to be passed on for his children. He’s more concerned with earning the wealth of generations to come and providing the best lifestyle to the family he has.

“I’m not chasing death no more,” Lil Durk declared. “I’m trying to make one billion dollars. I want my children to be in a safe and secure environment and to enjoy themselves, and to live their lives to the fullest.”

The past two years have proved to be particularly difficult for Durk. In November of this year the protege of his King Von, who was his protege and Only The Family rapper King Von was shot dead in front of the Monaco hookah bar at Atlanta, Georgia. In the same year Durk’s older brother D-Thang also suffered the same fate after being shot to death at the scene in Chicago, Illinois.

Lil Durk’s Attempted Murder Charge Dropped In 2019 Atlanta Shooting

His uncle, King Von Range Rover Hang actually suggested that Lil Durk stop mentioning dead people in his songs immediately after his brother’s death as it can cause more violence, especially when it triggers the grief of a particular loss.

“Durk steady saying these n-ggas names in songs like you don’t have to do that bro,” the singer stated. “This is what led to his brother being killed. I’m not saying he was that he was killed, because I’m not certain if he’s died.

“I am a fucking by his beat. His moves. He is making money. I’m not mad at. I am always interested to see what he’s up to. I love to see him shorten up $30 million, $40 million and so on. I am awestruck to see since I’m from one area and it’s the block. My dad was a friend with Durk’s dadmy.”

Smurk has spoken about an initial step he’s made to change his style of music in recent times. In the last week Smurk Chicago city native was observed dining together with Mariah Carey, and Shirin Amiri who is the husband of the fashion creator Mike Amiri.

People began to speculate that they were planning a collaboration in music after the video was posted on the internet. Some people believed Lil Durk and Mariah were dating that could be logical considering the reports of the rapper ending his relationship with his longtime partner, India Royale.

“Lil Durk And Mariah Seen Together… It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas,” wrote one fan. Another wrote, “Lil Durk pulled Mariah Carey right before the holidays, very smart move.”