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Lil Mo has opened up about how deeply she struggled with Opioid addiction, brought on by an abusive relationship.

Mo joined the Don’t Call Me White Girl podcast earlier in December where she spoke on her addiction and how it shaped her life until calling it quits in late 2019.


“Addiction is real because people don’t know you’re addicted,” she began. “People can’t afford it — I spent at least a stack a week and I’m making sure everybody good… When I go to California, when we touch down, everything was laid out — coke, pills, syrup… And I’ll get up there and sing and you’d never know and I’m literally burnt the fuck out.

“The only reason y’all knew I was on drugs was because I said it… That’s when it comes to the soft white underbelly where you think you have to lower who you are to meet people where they at. It upsets me what I allowed.”

She continued to detail times she was “out here” in Philadelphia while high which put her in plenty of precarious situations.

“I used to be on South Street. I used to be around. I don’t even go outside like that,” Mo said. “I would be so angry, so hurt, so depressed and I didn’t know how to let that go.”


This is far from the first time the Baltimore native has touched on her past Opioid addiction.

She previously spoke on beating the addiction in 2019 during a 2020 appearance at The Breakfast Club. The spark to finally get clean came from an abusive relationship.

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DJ Drama Opens Up About Overcoming ‘Dangerous’ Five-Figure A Year Opioid Addiction

“My manager, Woo, he took me to my mother’s house… Literally locked me in the basement and was like, ‘You’re not coming out until you’re clean.’ … Literally the withdrawals, n-gga, it felt like my soul left my body and it felt like God had forsaken me,” she added.

“Usually people sub out… I told him I’m tired. We’d be in the studio he’d be like, ‘You think that’s litty look at you nodding off.’ … ‘I’m gonna take you away from society for a while you need to be missed.’”


Lil Mo continued: “I was going through a whole withdrawal [and] depression. I told him, ‘I want to die at this point, just make sure my kids are good.’ … They put me in a cold shower and it just felt like death. I don’t know why I allowed myself to go through that.”