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Listen to Lil Wayne’s not-so-subtle new song “Kat Food”

Lil Wayne. Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images.


Ahead of his scheduled September 12 performance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, Lil Wayne has shared a new song called “Kat Food” that’s about the exact thing you’d expect a Weezy track called “Kat Food” to be about. “Cat hanging out that cat suit, ooh, Serena / Woah, I eat her, like, hyena / Come here, girl, I got that cat food, ooh, Purina / Ooh, Purina, it’s wet, Katrina,” he rap-sings on the hook, following it up later with more raunchy puns and punchlines about felines, comestibles. A few samples:

“Got bitches everywhere, insects / Sprayin’ at ’em like Windex / eat her like a shark and I still ain’t learn how to swim yet / I still ain’t fuck her friend yet.”

“I just put it all up in her face, woah, Noxzema / Bad bitches all up on my case, no subpoena.”

“Diamonds in my mouth, I eat her out and now her pussy glowin’ / She say she a eater, I’ma feed her like I’ve cooked before / Ass, pussy, boobs, APB, yeah, I’m lookin’ for ’em / Bitch look good as Autumn, walking ‘round my house with flowers on.”

You get the idea! Watch the visualizer for “Kat Food” and stream the song on its own below.