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Loblaw puts the brakes on the rise in food prices by freezing prices on 1,500 brand known items

“Loblaw” announced a price suspension on more than 1500 non-brand name items to provide the ability to predict the cost of groceries for Canadians who are facing the most high food inflation rate in decades. With a variety of groceries and household items No Name is the second-largest brand of food in Canada with a savings rate of 25% compared to similar brands.
It is available in minutes for the majority of Canadians The brand is available in more than 2,400 locations that include Loblaws, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore and without frills, T&T, Atlantic Superstore, Maxi and Shoppers Drug Mart. The brand is no-name and offers an extensive selection of staples like potatoes, apples, butter, eggs, pasta, cheese, rice toilet paper, towel paper.
From today until the year 2023’s end the prices of no-name products can be frozen. Prices for food have increased rapidly during the last year, due to the increased costs of suppliers caused by fuel, labour as well as global conflicts and weather that are passed on to retailers and reflect in the grocery store shelves.
In an email addressed to hundreds of millions of PC Optimum members, Loblaw Chairman and President Galen Weston, said the following:

Anyone who frequently visits the supermarket knows that in the last year the price of food has dramatically increased. Surprisingly, a lot of it is beyond our control.

This is why, in order to assist Canadians slow down the rising cost of food, we’re looking at what’s within our control. Beginning today, we’re freezing prices for all non-brand products — which includes more than 1500 essential groceries, available in the stores across the country up to the 31st of January 2023.

in the days ahead we’ll continue to reduce prices through PC Optimumand in our flyerand in our stores. All of these are designed to give you immediate relief from the rising prices for food.

The price freeze announcement today is part of the ongoing efforts of the company to provide the best value for Canadians. This year it is expected that the PC Optimum program is on plan to offer members more than one billion dollars worth of loyalty rewards more than previously.
Additionally, Loblaw has increased its assistance to food-related charitable organizations in the past year by contributing many thousands of dollars in food relief and aid to the food bank. The company regularly has raised and donated more than $50 million to food-related charities, including its president’s Choice Children’s Charity as it is working to feed one million kids every year.
About Loblaw Companies Ltd.
Loblaw Companies Limited is Canada’s largest pharmacy and food leader and is also the country’s largest retailer and employer in the private sector. With around 2 billion transactions a year through its unparalleled network of more than 2,500 stores as well as the nation’s largest e-commerce offerings, Loblaw brings food, beauty, pharmacy, along with financial solutions to its customers through a variety of Canada’s most loved and most trusted names: President’s Choice, No Name, Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, T&T, Joe Fresh, PC Express and PC Financial. The loyalty program of the company, PC Optimum, has more than 18 million members . It is among Canada’s biggest and most adored reward programs.
Loblaw’s mission is to help Canadians lead a healthy life. It helps make good food at a reasonable price health, beauty, and wellness easily accessible, savings for the long term a possibility and makes essential style attainable.