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‘Love & Hip Hop’ star MariahLynn Talks Fake TV Storylines, Dating Rich Dollaz & Comparing Him to Diddy, Her Music Career and More on Baller Alert Show

Baller Alert just released its latest episode of The Baller Alert Show featuring Love & Hip Hop star MariahLynn. She joined the cast to discuss fake L&HH storylines, comparing Rich Dollaz and Diddy, her music career and more. You can watch the full episode below.

14:00 – MariahLynn talks life before Love & Hip Hop

“Before L&HH I was raised by a single mother. My dad did like 10 years in jail. My mom went through some trials and tribulations. At a young age, I had to step up and take care of my sisters.”

“My mom and my sister got pregnant at the same time, and basically, I took custody of my baby sister. She’s going to be eight in December.”

“I wasn’t really prepared for all of this…but it’s day by day.”

“I went through a lot. Not having a dad, going through the foster care system, being bounced around from family member to family member, then being a teenager running away to my friend’s house, wearing my friend’s clothes and my friend’s parents telling the police ‘she’s not here.'”

24:38 – Relationship with Rich Dollaz and Cisco 

“Me and Cisco never had a relationship—nothing. That one kiss y’all seen on tv, that was it. We hung out maybe twice outside of the show. And I will give it to him– [he was] very respectful, never tried to touch me, never tried to be disrespectful towards me and that was it. It really was just to get back at Rich [Dollaz]. Rich and I, yes, did date for a very long time. I am single and no where ready to mingle right now.”

31:40 – Rich Dollaz being a 6 min man

Rari: “Did you guys have great chemistry?”

​Su Solo: “six minutes”

 MariahLynn: “of it”

35:07 – Comparing Dating Rich Dollaz to Yung Miami Dating Diddy on Mehgan James’ Podcast

“Let me explain real quick. What had happened was, we were talking about that whole Diddy-Caresha thing because of the age difference. It had nothing to do with financial or whatever. And Rich may not be Diddy, but his name ain’t Rich Dollaz for no reason. He got money OK. He’s getting like 30-something an episode.”



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