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Madison McFerrin shares new holiday single “Alone On Christmas”

Madison McFerrin. Photo by Justin French.


Try and fight it if you must, but the fact remains: It’s the Holiday Season, and you’re going to eventually start feeling depressed about it. And since suffering is slightly more tolerable with a soundtrack, Madison McFerrin has come through with a new December 25-themed song called “Alone On Christmas.”

On her debut album I Hope You Can Forgive Me, released this year, McFerrin contorted R&B and acapella to her will with a compulsive approach to melody. That same quality is on display in the quirky, sleigh bell-accentuated electro-funk of “Alone On Christmas,” wherein McFerrin bemoans a lost love at the time of year when it hits hardest.

“So many people get lonely around the holidays,” McFerrin says in a press statement. “All of the sad Christmas songs are low and slow, they get you super in your feels. But I think we should also be able to have sad songs we can dance to! This is my first try at a Christmas song and it’s honestly one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever written. I hope it brings everyone some much-needed joy this holiday season.”

Listen to “Alone On Christmas” below.