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Marques Houston and his wife Miya are celebrating the arrival of their second child, a baby boy named Greyson.

In a post shared by Miya on Wednesday (December 27), the pair revealed that Greyson was born on December 13, weighing in at 6lbs 2oz.


“On December 13th we welcomed our sweet baby boy. We are so in love and couldn’t feel more complete,” she captioned a family photo.

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News of the couple’s new arrival comes after Marques Houston earlier this year had to address backlash he received over his wife’s age, who is 20 years his senior and married him when she was 19 and he was 38.

In an episode of TV One’s Uncensored, Houston argued that “people don’t understand” their union.  The former Immature crooner noted that while he did meet his wife when she was 17, there was “really, no conversation and no, really, connection,” until she was of age.


“Me and my wife’s situation is a little different… how we met through mutual friends and everything like that… When I met my wife, she was 17. We had no, really, conversation and no, really, connection until she was of age…” Houston said in the clip.

“People don’t understand it. And, of course, I got a lot of backlash for marrying someone that was 19. And, you know, when we did finally start to talk, I was like, ‘This woman is like me.’”

He continued: “For one, we had a spiritual connection, and I feel like that’s the most important thing… and being able to start being around her… we connected through music and her spirit, her kindness, her heart, reminds me a lot of my mom and we connected on so many different levels.”

Marques Houston Slapped With $85K Lawsuit For Allegedly Stiffing TV Crew

Marques Houston Slapped With $85K Lawsuit For Allegedly Stiffing TV Crew

Soon after his explanation, Marques Houston received even more backlash for the way he spoke about single mothers and women his age with “baggage.”

In an Instagram post days later, the former Sister Sister actor apologized for his words being “taken out of context” and clarified that he has the “ultimate respect” for “independent women.”


“I humbly apologize for the comments I have made, and to those I have offended,” Houston began. “I have a deep respect for all women of any age, race, or background and my comments made in a recent interview was taken out of context.

“I work with many independent women every single day, and have ultimate respect for them and what they are able to accomplish in this world and my choice of words, or how they were taken, does not reflect how I view them. So again, I would like to apologize, and will use this experience to both better myself and the men I’m an example to.”