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Recent Ivor Novello Award nominee Matilda Mann and spill tab enter 2023 in spectacular form, teaming up together on their brilliant new cut ‘Borderline Insane.’ It’s indie-rock at its most energetic and playful best, all in tow of two special voices and superb production by top producer Oscar Scheller.

Written about those moments most have related to, Matilda explains “‘Borderline Insane’ is about those times when you have no idea what to wear for a date and everything keeps going wrong and you look crazy cause you’re slightly going crazy! And while I’ve overthought every tiny detail, my date sat there looking perfect without even trying.”
Speaking about working with Matilda Mann & Oscar Scheller, spill tab said “I’m so excited that I got to work with Matilda and Oscar on this one, they’re two incredibly talented people.” In a love that’s mutual Matilda added “I’ve been such a fan of spill tab for so long and it’s a dream to have her angel-like verse on the track. We wanted ‘Borderline Insane’ to be the upbeat, fun, crazy song that you put on while getting ready for the day. We can all be insane together.”

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