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Mercury gives club rap a jolt with new EP <i>heaven</i>

Back in June, Mercury shared a song called “heaven,” a sludge rock/Jersey club song with hypnotizing bars about getting high enough to visit God. It’s a killer track that’s fresher than almost everything on Pink Tape, a project from another artist who looks to heavy guitar music for inspiration (not stuck to one genre, Mercury has almost rapped over samples of Queen and Basement Jaxx, among many others).

Just over a month after the release of “heaven,” Mercury is back with the titular four-track EP. As the lead single indictated, the heaven EP contains four club rap experiments where the samples on the beats aren’t obvious enough center stage. Opening track “with me” serves as the intro, lowering the BPM as Mercury gets personal over trance-y melodies; she trades bars with burgun4y on the house-tinged “evil twins” and sends the party off in style with “me & gang,” a reggae-club track that sounds like the answer to the grating nostalgia of the jungle revival. Listen below.