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MUNYA dances around New York City in the “Un Deux Trois” music video

MUNYA. Photo via publicist


MUNYA is gearing up to release her second studio album, Jardin, which is expected to arrive on October 13 on Luminelle Recordings. To prep fans for the new record, she’s released an A/B single, “Hello Hi / Un Deux Trois,” the latter of which comes with a music video.

In the clip, MUNYA mysteriously follows another woman throughout New York City after setting up a trap in the laundromat — leaving a trench coat and seeing who would pick it up. The enigmatic blonde leaves clues around the city until they find each other again towards the end and MUNYA gets her revenge. Watch it below.

“[I’ve] always paid homage to Giorgio Moroder,” MUNYA says in a press statement. “I referenced him as early as 2018 when I released my first song. This song is a tribute to him and the music he’s inspired, like Daft Punk’s incredible ‘Giorgio by Moroder.’ When Daft Punk broke up after 28 years, I was devastated, because they were among my favorite artists. You can hear Moroder’s influence throughout Jardin, but this song is specifically for Daft Punk and all those who have loved Moroder’s music. He’s contributed so much to my career as an artist as he did theirs. Plus, the world needs more music like Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder.”