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Nas’s house located in Los Angeles was burglarized while Nas was celebrating the release from King’s Disease III in New York.

TMZ stated that two people entered the Queens legend’s Calabasas home the previous the 12th of November (November 12) at around 8:30 pm PT. The robbers smashed through the door of the rear in order to gain entry into the house when Nas’s crew was able to spot the robbers on the Ring camera. Nas’s team members contacted the police when they saw the robbers leave the house.

According to reports the robbers caused immense destruction to the property and left with two bags of unidentified things. There was no reported injury at the time of the incident as well as authorities from the Los Angeles Police Department has initiated an investigation.

The robbery is merely an aside for Nas when he releases the 3rd installment in his King Disease albums with Hit-Boy. In honor of the project, Nas announced a special concert on stage at Madison Square Garden on February 24. Nas announced the news on his Instagram account this the 11th of November (November 11) only shortly after the announcement of the album.

According to the official account on Twitter, Chase holders will get early entry to tickets beginning at 10 a.m. (EST) the day of their visit (November 15) until 10 p.m. at EST on Thursday evening (November 17). The general public can purchase tickets the next early morning (November 18.) beginning at 10:30 a.m.

At the release party, Nas took time to pay tribute to TakeOff and offer condolences to his family members

“We’re trying to tell these people out here, man, we’re here for a purpose,” Nas declared. “We shouldn’t be fighting one another with a shitshow. Take a look at these brothers and say do not shoot. Don’t toss your life away. It’s not worth it. There’s something worth living for, something worth being there to do.

“All that tough shit is cool when you’re growing up,” the veteran MC added, “but we gotta learn that we’re here to fulfill some reason and there’s an idea that’s being formulated to ensure that we don’t get bigger, and to ensure that we don’t fall into. We must be aware that there’s some thing that’s trying to hinder young people from entering becoming a hoodie from fulfilling its true purpose.”

The chemistry among Nas as well as Hit-Boy has been unquestionable through three of their most memorable albums, Nas still believes that collaboration with DJ Premier could happen in the near future.

The track “30,” Nas name-dropped Preemo and also the possibility of their long-anticipated collaboration album.

Doesn’t matter this is sheer relief, I feel the breeze this is/ Superhero material, rap star status/ Premier album still might happen ,” Nas Raps.

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Since the beginning of 1990, Nas and DJ Premier have formed an impressive duo in their roles as producer and MC. They have produced legendary tracks with each other, including “N.Y. State of Mind,” “Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park),” “Represent” “Nas Is Like” “N.Y. State of Mind Pt. II” as well as a few more.