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NBA YoungBoy flipped the script on Million Dollaz Worth of Game with a question that turned their conversation to the subject of Gillie Da Kid and the loss of his son, Cheese.

Gillie and Wallo made the trip to Utah to pay YoungBoy a visit at Grave Digger Mountain earlier this week and the interview hit a somber note when YB asked the former rapper about life today.


“It’s difficult. I just lost my son. I struggle every day,” Gillie said in the poignant clip starting at the 24:40 mark below. “My son was a year older than you so I struggle every day. When I wake up, that’s the first thing I think about. I also know I gotta be strong for my family.

“What makes me happy is knowing the history of my family life, I was the n-gga that did it. I was the n-gga that said the next generation ain’t gonna be fucked up because I’m leaving something. That’s what makes me happy at this age. You get to a certain age and it don’t even be about you no more.”

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, Cheese’s murder took place on the night of July 20 in Philadelphia’s Olney neighborhood. He was just 25 years old.

He was reportedly shot once in the back and taken to the hospital by police, where he was pronounced dead. A 28-year-old man and a 31-year-old man were also shot and taken to the hospital.


Controlling the discussion, YoungBoy then pointed to Wallo to get his perspective on life these days.

“The way I see life I’m just happy to be here. Growing up, I never thought I’d make it that far,” he said. “I didn’t think I’d be living. So to do all that time in the penitentiary and come home that was everything.

NBA YoungBoy Blesses Family With Christmas Cash Because They Made Him 'Happy'

NBA YoungBoy Blesses Family With Christmas Cash Because They Made Him ‘Happy’

“What makes me happy is to be able to provide for my family. Especially my brother that got killed — his kids. That’s happiness to me. I look at life like I work for them.”

As for YoungBoy, the trial in the Baton Rouge rapper’s federal gun case is expected to finally begin in July 2024. YB will remain under strict house arrest regulations — which he has been under since 2021 — until the trial concludes.


However, he has been granted a house arrest amendment earlier this month that will allow him to leave his residence for medical appointments.

Per XXL, Judge Shelly D. Dick signed off on YoungBoy — born Kentrell Gaulden — receiving a modification to his house arrest on Tuesday (December 19) due to his alleged deteriorating mental health.


“The defendant is restricted to 24-hour a day lock-down at his residence except for medical appointments and court appearances or other activities specifically approved in advance by the defendant’s pretrial supervision officer,” the filing reportedly reads.

With the amendment, YoungBoy can now leave his Utah estate to attend various doctor appointments in the area.


Judge Dick iced the idea of YoungBoy traveling outside of Utah for work-related duties, a modification the rapper’s team had also requested.