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NBA YoungBoy has about the misconceptions he believes the public might have surrounding his current lifestyle in the context of drug use.

In a new interview with Bootleg Kev that aired on Thursday (December 28), the Louisiana native welcomed cameras into his Utah home, where he is currently holed up on house arrest while he awaits his federal gun trail to commence in July 2024.


As YB chopped it up with the L.A.-based DJ, the conversation turned to his desire to reinvent himself and eventually the ways in which he feels his fans might misunderstand him.

“I went to rehab for a weekend recently,” he said. “I still get an image that I do a lot of drugs, so I kind of get that thrown in my face like ‘Oh, this taking over his mind’ or something at the same time … And now I’m kind of taking on just therapy from now on.”


He added: “I’ve been doing a lot of rich sipping and smoking these nasty ass cigarettes … They’ve been tearing my ass up though, man. I wanna stop smoking them so bad.”

Watch the 24-year-old discuss his approach to substance abuse at the 13:11 below:

Last month, YoungBoy filed court docs claiming that the house arrest has taken a toll on his mental health, leading him down a depressive spiral. A few weeks later, Judge Shelly D. Dick signed off on a modification to his house arrest due to his deteriorating mental health.

“The defendant is restricted to 24-hour a day lock-down at his residence except for medical appointments and court appearances or other activities specifically approved in advance by the defendant’s pretrial supervision officer,” the filing reportedly reads.

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YBN Nahmir Asks For Prayers As He Enters Rehab For ‘Addiction’

The amendment permits YoungBoy to leave his Utah estate to attend various doctor appointments in the area. Judge Dick iced the idea of YoungBoy traveling outside of Utah for work-related duties, a modification the rapper’s team had also requested.

Federal prosecutors initially pushed against the judge allowing YB to travel for any reason outside of his court dates in the Louisiana gun case.


“The United States fails to see how the defendant’s current conditions of pre-trial release prohibit him from seeking and obtaining mental health treatment,” Assistant U.S. Attorney William K. Morris wrote last month.

The rapper will remain under strict house arrest regulations, which he has been under since 2021, until the trial concludes.