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NBA YoungBoy’s Cryptic Message Alarms Fans. The young artist, known for his energetic performances, appears spiraling. However, it seems he may still be having the same problems. This time he allegedly sends a cryptic message via his cat. This revelation has raised concerns among his fans, who worry about the potential consequences of his drug use.

NBA YoungBoy’s Shocking Xanax Revelation

NBA YoungBoy’s Cryptic Message Alarms Fans.

According to Complex, some concerns about YoungBoy’s mental health exist.

That is after he posted a message on social media.

It was disturbing to see YoungBoy cat’s IG message put out an alleged

Fans are wondering if this is a cry for help.

Mainly because he had previous issues with allegedly distributing illegal drugs.

Could it be YoungBoy has an issue with taking Xanax?

Kentrell Gaulden has a troubled past, and it appears he is still struggling.

His fans are very concerned about his potentially using drugs.

Furthermore, why would YoungBoy not reach out to family or friends?

After seeing this message on Instagram, it is alarming.

Especially since it is unusual for someone to let their animal speak for them.

In this case, YoungBoy’s family should do a wellness check.

Otherwise, YoungBoy could be headed for serious trouble.

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