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The New Jersey Government’s Twitter account is famous for its bold commentary, and this time they’ve set their sights on the long-running bagel wars and the upcoming “Montreal Bagel” Nike Dunk Low.

“‘Montreal’ is a weird way to spell ‘New Jersey,’ since NJ is the uncontested Bagel Capital of the World.  Guess we’ll just have to dunk these right in the garbage until they get that typo fixed…” the account tweeted. They followed it up with a picture of said dunks going in the trash.

Bagel snobbery along the east coast is nothing new. Montrealers are protective of their thinner, sweeter, wood-fired style of bagel, while their American bagel counterparts are typically bigger and softer. Neighbouring states New Jersey and New York are equally competitive amongst each other about their bagels.

Comments on the tweet differ about as much as people’s bagel preferences.

Whatever side you’re on in the Bagel Wars, we can all agree at least Montrealers and New Jerseyans don’t slice them up like they supposedly do in St. Louis.

The “Montreal Bagel” Nike Dunk Low drops in its hometown on Jan. 13, before dropping in the rest of Canada, followed by the US via SNKRS on Jan. 17.