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It’s difficult to imagine the day will come in 2022 when people would receive not only one and a half, instead, twobrand new singles by legendary R&B singer Rihanna. However, in November this year it happened when Antiartist dropped a second single in The Black Panther: Wakanda Foreversoundtrack.

There’s a lot more to this week than RiRi however, so be on the lookout for new singles by New York crooner Lil Tjay, Cochise with “We Do Not Relate” and new songs by Rod Wave, Tom The Mail Man, French Montana and more.

Continue reading for the complete list below. And let us know what you’re seeing first on the list.

Rihanna – “Born Again”

The Black Pantherfilm franchise has mastered the art of curating an amazing soundtrack. The original film Kendrick Lamar was hired to compose an ensemble and now they’ve added her as the Queen of Pop and R&B herself to contribute a couple of special tracks.

Her second album within the last month. Rihanna is back on “Born Again.”

Lil Tjay – “Give You What You Want”

Many have tried to take a shot the title of the King of New York, but few have the status that Bronx singer Lil Tjay. While he may not instantly think of himself as a worthy candidate for such a high-profile title it’s hard to find a rapper who hails from within the Five Boroughs as consistently successful in 2022, as the smooth M.C.

His most recent single, “Give You What You Want,” is an enjoyable confirmation of his talent from NYC to the apex of his talent.

Fivio Foreign f. Rvssian – “1 On 3”

In the spirit of artists who’s blood is blue like the rich and famous in NYC, Fivio Foreign is returning with his Rvssian as a partner Rvssian to release their latest release, “1 On 3.”

Fivio who took over to take over the role of late Pop Smoke ON THIS SONG or in general? Feels odd to say. The singer has been in a trance of late, still in the high of The release of the Kanye West executive-produced B.I.B.L.E. and contributions in Ye’s DONDA.

Cochise – “Creme Brulee”

Rod Wave – “Break My Heart”

Rod Wave may be a rapper but his heart lies in the cool tones of Blues. His powerful, loud voice cuts through the music like the sharp edge of a knife. His lyrics are distinctive but can be a source of heartache, pain or even joy.

“Break My Heart,” the latest single from Wave, which comes out just a week prior to the release of the new album Jupiters Diary: 7 Day Theory It’s as emotional and powerful as ever.

PGF Nuk f. Icewear Vezzo – “Shut Up”

Tom The Mail Man – “WORST FRIEND”

Tom The Mail Man is one of the rarest of artists adept at navigating through a variety of genres and not stuttering.

Although he’s always been beneath the popular rap scene, Tom has experienced multiple huge looks in recent times through”WORST FRIEND,” his latest album. Sometimes Sorry isn’t Enough. He’s now back by releasing “WORST FRIEND.”

French Montana – “Yes I Do”

Make sure you stream Stormzy’s “Firebabe” and “Band of Brothers” by 38 Spesh, Benny The Butcher, Ransom and Harry Fraud, this week’s Honorable Mentions.