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Nick Minaj Offers To Pay For College For Chicago Teen. The 14-year-old shot and killed a man who assaulted his mother. A Chicago woman got into an argument with a man. During the altercation, Carlisha Hood was struck.

Nicki Minaj Helps A 14-Year-Old Who Defended His Mom

Nick Minaj Offers To Pay For College For Chicago Teen.

In an incident early this month, Carlisha Hood and her son were arrested.

Hood was inside a West Pullman restaurant when an argument broke out.

Jeremy Brown and Carlisha Hood were allegedly in a heated argument.

Suddenly, Brown allegedly struck Hood multiple times.

Standing in the doorway of the restaurant was Hood’s teen son.

As the teen saw Brown allegedly assault his mother, he pulled a gun.

The teen allegedly fired shots at Brown.

Unfortunately, Brown lost his life due to the gun show wounds he sustained.

Both Carlisha Hood and her son were arrested, as stated by CBS News.

Upon further investigation, murder charges were dropped.

Police released Hood and her teen son, according to XXL Mag.

When Minaj heard about the situation, she went into action.

Minaj is offering to pay college tuition for the Chicago teen.

Here is what Minaj shared,

Having said this, it is not the first time Minaj has offered to pay college tuition.

In 2017 Minaj offered to pay her Twitter followers college tuition and student loans.

Then, Minaj launched a college fund program that paid tuition for 37 people.

Hopefully, the teen will accept Minaj’s generous offer.

Indeed, his mother will appreciate the kind gesture.

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