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Obviously, soccer player Kevin De Bruyne didn’t write Drake’s “Wick Man”

Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Drake fans who spent time browsing the credits on his latest project, Scary Hours 3, when it dropped overnight were left confused by a “K. De Bruyne,” who is listed as a writer on “Wick Man.” The most famous K. De Bruyne, particularly to soccer fans, is Manchester City and Belgium player Kevin De Bruyne. He may be a Champions League winning midfielder but a songwriter working with Drake? That seems unlikely. Not that it stopped the soccer media to run with the idea.

The confusion even led De Bruyne himself to comment and make it clear that he hasn’t turned to music while he recovers from his current hamstring injury.

Obviously, there is a simple answer here. The De Bruyne listed alongside Drake and Alchemist on the “Wick Man” credits is Koen De Bruyne. His “Landscape,” which appears on the 1978 album In Kluis, is sampled on the Scary Hours 3 track.

In Kluis is the soundtrack to the 1978 Belgian cult movie of the same name, about a man a that lives in the ruins of an old castle and spies on a young couple building a home nearby. Tragically, De Bruyne passed away the year before its release, making it the last thing he worked on. RIP Koen, you would have loved to hear Drake rap “John Cena wouldn’t know emotions I wrestlе with” over your music.

Earlier this week Drake announced a joint tour with J. Cole. The two will co-headline the Big As The What? tour, which kicks off in January.