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Offset’s New Single ‘Jealousy’ Features Cardi B. The renowned hip-hop trio Migos has again teamed up with his wife, Cardi B, for their latest track. That is what Offset is hinting at. He and Cardi will work together again. And, this could be another hit song for the married couple. Both Offset and Cardi are hit makers. It’s almost as if they have the Midas touch. With their combined talents and undeniable chemistry, it will not be a surprise if their new collaboration will burn up the charts.

Offset Releases ‘Jealousy’ Single ft. Cardi B: A New Collaborative Hit!

Offset’s New Single ‘Jealousy’ Features Cardi B.

‘Jealousy’ will combine Offset’s signature flow with Cardi B’s fierce and unapologetic lyrics.

The couple’s loyal fan base eagerly anticipates every release.

According to the Source, their fans are in for a special treat.

At first, some thought there was trouble in paradise.

We all remember the message Offset put on social media.

It was a message allegedly accusing Cardi of cheating.

Now, it appears that the post by Offset may have been a ‘prelude to a kiss.’

If that was the case, many people bought into it.

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It is no surprise that fans eagerly anticipate the release of the single.

By the way, Offset promises to drop ‘Jealousy’ this Friday.