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Oneohtrix Point Never to release new album <i>Again</i> next month

Oneohtrix Point Never. Photo by Andrew Strasser & Shawn Lovejoy / Joe Perri


Oneohtrix Point Never, a.k.a Daniel Lopatin, has announced details of a new studio album. Again will be released on September 29 via Warp. A trailer for the album can be seen below.

Press materials note that Lopatin describes Again as both “a speculative autobiography” and an “illogical period piece.” It was written from the perspective of the 41-year-old artist collaborating with his younger self.

The album’s artwork features an original sculpture of old-school PC desktop speakers tied together by two belts by Matias Falkbakken. The design and packaging of Again was developed by Lopatin and cult clothing company Online Ceramics, who are now working together under the name Memory.

OPN’s most recent studio album was 2020’s Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. Since then Lopatin has worked as executive producer on The Weeknd‘s After Hours and Dawn FM. He has also produced work from a disparate array of artists, including Soccer Mommy, Charli XCX, Rosalía, and more.

Again album art + tracklist

Oneohtrix Point Never to release new album <i>Again</i> next month

1. Elseware

2. Again

3. World Outside

4. Krumville

5. Locrian Midwest

6. Plastic Antique

7. Gray Subviolet

8. The Body Trail

9. Nightmare Paint

10. Memories Of Music

11. On An Axis

12. Ubiquity Road

13. A Barely Lit Path