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“Pop Smoke’s” fatal death was detailed by a woman who was present at the scene of the shooting.

Amelia Rose, who was in the same room with the Brooklyn rapper at the time the rapper was shot dead during the home invasion of February 2020, recounted the terrifying story of his murder in the show’s premiere episode, television’s Hip Hop Homicides that was aired earlier in the month.

Rose said to the host Van Lathan she remembers Pop taking a trip upstairs to use the bathroom in the Hollywood Hills home he was renting at the time. A few minutes later she was stricken by fear as an intruder broke into the home and pointed a gun at her face.

“Pop told me the he was heading upstairs. I’m on the bed , and I’m getting ready to remove my clothes. He told me “OK, I’ll return afterward,'” she recalled. “He was going to the restroom and so these were his last words.”

“This moment, it was like a couple seconds and I hear the noise,” Rose continued when she said she heard the sliding glass door opening to the second floor bedroom. “The person was wearing the mask, and the gun was screaming… “Look at me’, you know? His eyes got me terrified. The girls ran to the bathroom. Pop shouted, “What?!?! ‘”

Rose then began to reminisce in tears about the moment when Pop Smoke was taken out of the bathroom by attackers who were armed, and after an incident of brief chaos after which she heard the gunshot go off out. The episode also featured Rose confessed that she had trouble sleeping at night and was stunned that she survived the house invasion which claimed her 20-year-old’s life.

Amelia Rose previously shed the light on the death of Pop Smoke by telling police that the men in masked attire “stormed through the curtains of a second-story balcony,” one of them pushing a semiautomatic gun of black on her forehead, and screaming: “Shut the fuck up. Do you really want to die?”

“She heard a struggle coming from the shower area and heard [Pop Smoke] screaming,” LAPD Detective Christian Carrasco testified during a court hearing in 2021. “[Pop Smokefled from the bathroom. She heard a loud bang and heard [Pop] drop to the floor. Two others started to kick him.”

Carrasco said: “[Pop Smoke] gets up and goes down the stairs. She gets another two pops. She is following [Pop Smoke] and finds him in the dirt and yells for Michael Durodola [Pop Smoke’s friend] and calls 911.”

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Four people have been arrested in connection with his murder and the suspect murderer who was only 15 at the time of the murder. Police believe that the motive behind the murder was to steal the rapper’s diamante-encrusted Rolex along with his Cuban Link chain. They were able to steal his watch , then later auctioned it off for $2,000.

One suspect, 21-year-old Corey Walker admitted to an acquaintance that the police had only learned about Pop Smoke’s location via his social media accounts. Before the incident, the rapper uploaded his Instagram Story of designer bags with that he had his address for Airbnb in the bag.