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Pusha T‘s has various business ventures outside of the music space, and he’s revealed which is his favorite — even though it might not be his most lucrative.

Earlier this week, King Push joined the Assets Over Liabilities crew for an interview where he explained how he found his way into the unlikely medical field.


“This is my favorite business,” Pusha testified. “I have a friend, right, you notice all my businesses come with friendship. Passion and friendship, it don’t come with just one of them.

“I have this friend and he ended up having this unfortunate run-in with the law… He ends up coming out and he was such a trustworthy person before he went to jail.

“He was like, ‘I been researching medical transportation. Basically, we would get these vans and put them with wheelchair lifts and pick up people who need rides the elderly, handicapped or whatever.


Push recalled: “We get in the car, I go buy two vans. I’m just like, ‘Here, two vans. We’ll figure out the business.’ That business is like 25 vans strong running through seven cities [in Virginia]. It’s called Caring Hands Medical Transportation. It has helped my mother, sick cousins, family members and friends.”

Watch the clip below starting at the 20:10 mark:

The rapper gushed about being able to help set his friend and family up for life through a business they’re both passionate about and one that is helping people across Virginia.

“I built so many great relationships with so many great people behind this business. I really only like children and old people,” Pusha T continued: “I don’t really like people in the middle. I don’t get along with people of the same. It has been the most fulfilling business. His kids are going to college off of it.”

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He continued: “That business is amazing. Your van runs routes all day. You take them to methadone clinics, you make private trips and may take them to the stores.

“It’s super fulfilling knowing there is absolutely nothing bad being done in this business. It is 1,000 percent good for everybody in America.”


On the music side, Pusha T was readying a Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama but it appears that plan might have been scrapped.

A curious fan hopped into Drama’s mentions last month and the Generation Now boss responded to the tweet with a simple thinking emoji, not giving much information one way or the other as the project remains in limbo.