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Quando Rondo was channeling his inner Boosie the Badazz at a recent traffic stop.

Boosie was before been a sensation when he treated police with a free performance of his hit song “Set It Off” while being stopped by police in August. In a video of the encounter Boosie is seen Baton Rouge rapper is seen standing in front of his vehicle on the highway, being surrounded by officers.

“They got me pulled over again so I’m finna perform a concert in front of the police,” Boosie stated before rapping his signature tune Acapella. He further annoys the officers with a question “Are we going to be in jail or not? This is the issue. The money is ready. It’s a pocket change. This is an awful pocket change.”

It appears that Boosie’s behavior was influenced by Quando Rondo’s similar frustrations over the two officers who had recently stopped him and demanded him leave his vehicle.

“C’mon mane! C’mon mane! Every time you fuck mane!” the rapper told the officers of the law who laughed with laughter. “They have me pulled over yet again, and again, mane… God damn mane! Every single time Mane. I feel like Boosie, man.”

Quando’s encounter to the police is just the latest unlucky luck to strike this “ABG” rapper. In September the Georgia native tried to quit his gang affiliations after the tragic death of his pal Lul Pab in the summer. However, his online reputation was immediately slammed because he was trying to fly his flag.

“It’s time for me to spend time to myself and free myself from a lot of people,” Quando posted in his Instagram Story on the day. “My main Manz gone and a lot more shit that I’m cool with lots of things when I feel that you’re don’t like me there’s not a reason to hold onto you not to shake hands or make up some excuses for you! I’m Living Life the way I’d like to live my life, whatever I’m planning to do it. You or gone go with it or lose yourself.”

He added: “I’m my own man I layed my flag down I’m not NH yall ain’t gone ride for a n-gga foreal it’s no sense being apart of yall shit y’all fw the opposition,” the rapper wrote. “Idgaf who feel hit Fucc u and if you can’t feel where I’m coming from on this you a bitch ass n-gga cuz it don’t take rocket science to c what the fuck going on errbody all ready hate me.”

The lengthy post received replies from his fellow rappers, including Florida musician Julio Foolio.

“Dawg homeboy died in cali he trynna squash beef and throw his flag in it’s to late for that nephew,” the post reads in the account on Instagram Story.

Boosie Badazz Rages While Being Handcuffed In Georgia: ‘I’m Ready To Fight!’

Nipsey Hussle’s close friend and fellow Crip J. Stone was also harsh with the 23-year-old and called him an “internet banger.”

“You can’t drop yo flag and say you not NH no mo,” the man stated. “N-gga get to the hood and have your hood snubbed. Don’t be crying now. There are homies lost often. It’s not every person who can ride. You were a goofy/internet snark regardless.”

Quando Rondo responded to the question, saying that no one can announce his decision. “Before you start talking about another n-gga, just sit bacc and consider that I’ve not even have 200 bandz, cuz you’re going to need more than that to be with me! N-Gas still believe that 20k is enough,” he wrote on his IG Story. “I can careless what somebody think get in my way and ima knocc you down simple NO CAP.”

In the case of Boosie Badazz, the singer is currently getting ready to release an album that he’s co-producing featuring T.I., which he declared will be superior to Drake or 21 Savage’s Loss that released at the No. one on the Billboard 200 with huge first-week sales.