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Quavo has written an empathetic note to his lost partner in the rhyme TakeOff In it, Quavo said that the term “nephew” did not adequately describe his Migos brothers.

The letter was uploaded to Qavo’s Instagram page on Saturday (November 12). The account was not active following a post the day before on October 31 hours prior to the time that TakeOff was killed and shot in Houston.

The letter, divided in three separate slides placed on a collage from the artists different moments in their lives.

“Since we were kids you been by my side lookin up at me,” Quavo wrote, “them eyes waiting on me to move. You then followed me with me. You always ensured that I got it right first so that you could follow exactly like me. You have never been a competitor with me. We were always in the same group.”

He then shared memories of playing with his nephew, while the two dreamed of becoming professional wrestlers. The letter of Quavo temporarily changes from the TakeOff address TakeOff in the second person to addressing the general public.

“Throughout this whole time he had a REAL passion for music,” Quavo says, “it was HIS dream to be a rapper, but I wasn’t sure the things I was meant to accomplish. It wasn’t his thing because I lost constantly.”

At the close in the letters, Qavo reverted to directly address TakeOff, when he considered the relationship between them.

“This whole time I’ve been trying to figure what you really are to me because nephew wasn’t it,” the letter says. “We were not happy with the word ‘nephew’ and also when they would say ‘Unc’ and Phew as we knew that we were much closer than that , and this made me feel old.

“But I was sure you were not my brother since you’re my sister’s I didn’t want to claim you as my”brother. Then I realize… You are our angel, watching me and all the time as a living being making sure everyone felt ur love and HUGS during your visit and you helped make our dreams become reality.”

After he had closed the note, Quavo appeared to open up more deeply into his sorrow by writing: “I guess God just does not needing my assistance. You can request Him for what I need to do in order to be with you once more!! A place that is free of sorrow, no demons there’s no jealousy, envy and no desire. Anything we can do to God to reach this paradise, give us the tools today because we want to be there at peace with Take.”

In the days leading up to the release of writing the note, Quavo uploaded the images that comprised the collage accompanying his letter. The collage includes photographs of the couple as toddlers , to photos taken more recently during their peak achievement.

The Migos co-founders were in Houston during the time TakeOff was being shot, while they were promoting the album Only Made For Infinity Links that was released on the 7th of October. In the early hours of the day they released “Messy” as the fifth video off the album. The track has received fourteen million viewers in less than two weeks.

J. Prince’s Family Set Up Memorial For TakeOff At Houston Shooting Site

Before sharing the letter, Quavo addressed losing his son in public in the very first public appearance when he addressed the hundreds of people who attended the funeral of TakeOff at Atlanta this the evening of Friday (November 11, 2011).).

Offset the rapper who is thought to be not happy with his Migos collaborators when he died the death of TakeOff The rapper also attended the funeral. However, he’s yet to release any formal statement on the loss of his beloved. The wife of his Cardi B however, offered the most touching memorial of her own at the time of TakeOff’s funeral.

“This has truly been a nightmare and the pain is incomparable,” she wrote. “The emptiness your brothers are feeling is unbearable and I pray that you give Offset, Quavo, and your friends and family the strength to keep going as they are trying to cope with this loss.”

She also said: “I believe that angels send signs and beautiful dreams to loved ones to assure them that they’re watching them and they’re okay and happy…send your mom some of those [praying emoji].”