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R. Kelly’s Cellmate Ronnie Bo Drops Jay Z Bombshells. Kelly’s incarceration has been a topic of interest for many people lately. His cellmate Ronnie Bo has been making shocking claims about Jay Z’s involvement in his case.

R. Kelly’s Cellmate Ronnie Bo Makes Shocking Claims About Jay Z

R. Kelly’s Cellmate Ronnie Bo Drops Jay Z Bombshells.

The rapper has been accused of sexually abusing minors and trafficking them.

After Kelly’s conviction, he is spending many years behind bars.

We learned that Ronnie Bo was allegedly Kelly’s cellmate.

And Ronnie Bo has been on podcasts Telling his story.

Well, Ronnie Bo is revealing some disturbing things about Jay Z.

Some of what Ronnie Bo said about Jay was alarming.

Especially as it relates to Jay’s alleged involvement in Kelly’s downfall.

Keep in mind Kelly and Jay did have some sort of disagreement, as stated by US Weekly.

This rift between Kelly and Jay unfolded back in 2004.

Without going into details, Kelly allegedly accused Jay Z of sabotaging him.

Of course, this is Ronnie Bo’s account of events, per Kelly.

We have heard rumors about Jay allegedly destroying some artists’ careers.

It is a fascinating account given by Ronnie Bo.

Is Jay Z capable of destroying other artists’ careers?

Or is this just heresy?

Check out the video below for more commentary.

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Nevertheless, we should be taking notes.

He alleges that the rapper even collaborated with R. Kelly on “Best of Both Worlds” despite knowing about his illegal activities.

These claims are shocking but not entirely surprising.

Given the rumors circulating about Jay-Z’s involvement in R. Kelly’s case for years.

It is unclear what Jay Z’s motives were for collaborating with R. Kelly.

Ronnie Bo’s claims have shed some light on the issue and raised questions about Jay-Z’s character.

However, the recent revelations by Ronnie Bo have added a new twist to the case.