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R&B singer Jacquees talks remixing people’s songs, Ella Mai beef, living next door to Katt Williams, his love life and more..

A new Baller Alert Show has arrived! This time, R&B singer Jacquees joins the cast to discuss going viral, remixing other artists’ songs, Ella Mai still having him blocked, living next door to Katt Williams and more. You can watch the full episode below.

Highlights from the episode include:

8:00 – On the misconceptions of going viral

“The people see somebody with a million views. It’s like a facade. It make people mind just think that they bigger than what it really is. And then you get out here in the real world and don’t nobody know them. That’s why I’m so happy I got a real fan base, people I can really count on.”

20:49 – On living next door to Katt Williams

“Katt that was a time. He done moved, man. Those was some of the craziest times of my life. One time, Katt came to the house, he had the peanut butter and jelly, half and half jar. I remember he came one day, ‘you know my daddy came up with that.’ He said his daddy the originator of the half and half…”

“Man, Katt kicked my uncle out the crib one time cause he beat him in pool. Katt used to buy me a lot of stuff, too. When I used to buy my cars, he’ll buy me all the covers for my cars. He bought all my dogs’ bowls, leashes. He bought me my first golf stuff.”

28:38 – On his love life

“Just stay tuned. I’m thinking about having a reality show on my love life.”

“I’m still currently doing what I do… that’s why I say you have to stay tuned.”

31:20 – On remixing other people’s songs (‘Quemix’)

“Quemix… Well, when I was like 14 or 15, I had a project that I dropped called I Am Jacquees. It’s low-key, like my first project… On that project, I was kind of like remixing records. I had my original records and I was taking beats and remixing people songs. The reason we started doing that, of course, to gain more traction from popular songs, but I used to really be riding around and be like, ‘man if that was me it would be better.’ I used to really feel that way as a kid.”

32:54 – Ella Mai beef

“I just seen her at the Roc Nation brunch. That was the first time she said hi to me in like years. I’m still blocked on Instagram and Twitter.”

33:45 – On being the King of R&B

“I was trying to figure out where I went left with the internet, but it was when I said I was the King of R&B.”



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