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It’s Gary, Indiana native explores the lonely wolf concept in the ease of his couch, Gucci robe on and wine glass in his hand.

Freddie Gibbs ascended from the underground. The easy thing to overlook is where he came from given the extent to which he’s progressed however, the process took years of hard work to reach. The rapper has been in the game since the mid-2000s. He’s been dishing out mixtapes like the Baby Face Killa and albums from the ESGN genre which were infused with trap hip hop. The world changed dramatically in 2014 when he released his collaboration featuring Madlib, Pinata and transforming to a daring hip-hop bravado with one foot in the trap pan. He is now a Grammy-nominated artist. Gibbs continues to expand his catalog of solo work.

Soul Sold Apart showcases classy Gangsta Gibbs, who’s sounding like an established artist at this point of his career. offering another album that is consistent and with no major flaws.

Photography:Nick Walker

After the first track you’ll be able to instantly picture Gibbs on a grand getaway (titled”The Triple $$ Hotel) sitting in a comfortable chaise lounge, sunglasses on; a glass of wine with him; shirtless in an expensive Gucci dress. This image is maintained during the transitions between tracks, with scenes of chats with concierges and voicemails from other Triple guests who are $$$ (Jeff Ross, Joe Rogen, Kevin Durant and, *rechecks notes* Jesus). There’s an elegant lobby sound in these moments, and a high-end production that reflects the theme of the album in the songs in general (“Blackest on the Floor”, “Lobster Omelette”, “Gold Rings”). Rick Ross plainly states he’s “On a beach in a mansion” on the verse he sings as a guest on “Lobster Omelette”, one of the few instances where the guest performers are in harmony to Gibbs and the overall vibe on the album.

Based on the concept the listener is treated to an easy listen in which Gibbs insists in demonstrating his versatility. He opens his trap bag with “Too Much” with Moneybagg Yo which is amazingly performed from both performers, creating the album’s finest performance of the chemistry. The pockets of albums such as Alfredo and Bandana come through in the standout opening track, “Couldn’t Be Done” as well as in “Blackest in the Room”. The song’s hypnotic lyrical cadence is a dance “Zipper Bagz”, locking into a memorable hook that isn’t heard on a lot of songs. The Memphis sound is a part of “PYS” with Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul, more than showing that Freddie is a chameleon for rapping to any beat.

But this means that there’s an abundance of things happening. The sound quality is apparent from a quick glance at the production credits Boi-1da Jake One, The Alchemist, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Madlib, DJ Dahi, Kaytranada, James Blake and a dozen more names are responsible for the 15 templates. It was announced by Freddie earlier this year when he declared it his most-produced album. That’s an impressive claim of a man who’s released two full-length albums together with Madlib. The music isn’t just entertaining, but there’s more of a bark than bite. It is bound to affect Gibbs who’s not creating iconic moments or an album that is self-proclaimed to be the”Album of the Year however, it is a solid album that remains in the midst of a heavenly place.

The discussion shifts to Gibbs solo projects versus production albums. Through the years Gibbs has released a number of solid projects with the form of You Only Love 2×2, Shadow of Doubt and Freddie. However, it’s collaborations such as Pinata, Bandana and Alfredo that have earned him the most praise. For the release of Soul Sold separately the challenge was whether the album could challenge or surpass the skill that is attained when working with one genius. The truth is, that’s not still to be accomplished. Instead, it decides to keep Freddie’s consistent; Ten years later and there’s no sign of him dropping an average product. This is something we can deal with.

Soul Sold Differently isn’t the most famous of extravaganzas however it is at ease not having one. Gibbs has ticked off enough items off the bucket list for rap to stay in his lounge chair for whenever he’d like.

7.5 / 10

The best tracks are:“Couldn’t Be Done”, “Zipper Bagz”, “PYS”, “CIA”