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The Ukrainian-born emcee drops the third single album this year. He reminds listeners that the importance of consistency is paramount.

Since his debut in 2014, the band Your Old Droog has been keeping the underground under control and releasing new projects every year like it’s nothing. While most artists tend to reduce their output as they progress, Droog took the opposite approach and increased his speed by releasing three projects per year , and his latest release proves the underground star isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

Droog’s most recent release, Yodney Dangerfield confirms its place in the midst of a variety of characters, but also sets the foundation for something more to come in the future.

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The diverse style of Droog has found his place in the hearts of many of his fans, creating an intimate group of listeners. It’s impossible to know what direction Droog will go with his wide-ranging imagination with each new release and whether he is presenting himself as an inner-city metro network or taking on different names and adjusting their own individual styles to different projects Fans are drawn to the mysterious emcee to enjoy the an adventure in the undiscovered. This particular project is in line with the last part of the previous sentence and mirrors the single-line style of comedian Rodney Dangerfield.

Droog’s rapping is sharper than ever, using punchlines and one-liners in the humorous style that is Rodney Dangerfield. The animated and intelligent style of lyrics gives the record its own distinct personality which makes it distinct from a variety of characters. Punchlines are the norm in the Droog archive, spicing up every track with a distinct personality and allowing the album to develop as an individual. The lyrics such as (“Take money as store owners, with money in the ceiling”) or (“Them boys wack/A collection of hacks that remind me of The Bad Boy Pistons”) showcase this spirited lyrics at work that taps into the humorous aspect as well as the artist as well as the muses.

The roster of producers for this album was not uniform However, all contributors accomplished the objective of staying the same sound quality. The artists ranging from Sadhu Gold Nicholas Craven to Wino Wiley have added their own flavor to the album but were able to keep the music within the boundaries of the project. The monotone sound of the album is used in all of Droog’s work and he has Yodney Dangerfield maintaining this style, however, the album’s palette is widened to include some new flavors mixed in. The funk-infused sounds of “The Tonight Show” and the boom-bap-style drums that are bare on “The Simpsons” bring in an array of different sounds, which keeps the music fresh and fresh during the short amount of time.

The 16 minutes of run-time for Yodney Dangerfield can be described as an opportunity and a curse with the blessing of an easy to digest listen, however, the drawback is the aftermath of the craving for more. Would Droog had slipped into an additional record or two? Sure, however the point for Yodney Dangerfield has gone more than a full-length album. Much like his appearance on late-night TV This album will set the stage for the future to be more expansive; possibly a full-length record or some other collaboration project. Whatever Droog will release the fans will be delighted.

As Yodney Dangerfield is preparing the groundwork for the next Droog content to pour in the internet, the album succeeds in making a statement by itself. This 7 track EP with lyrical exercise is a excellent listen to become acquainted with the extensive collection that is Your Old Droog.

7 / 10

Top tracks: “50K or Brunch”, “The Tonight Show”, “The Hand of YOD”