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Rick Ross has cosigned Lil Baby decision to fly the friendly skies with the rest of the common folk, labeling the young rapper’s decision as “wise.”

An undated video of the Atlanta rapper going through the TSA line went viral earlier this week, in which Baby can be seen looking somewhat confused before joining the rest of the folks in line.


The Bawse took notice of this video and left a comment on the video. “Wise man. I did it 15 years straight,” he wrote.

Check it out below.

Rick Ross definitely doesn’t have to fly commercial flights anymore if he doesn’t want to. He’s so wealthy, in fact, that his friends — including none other than Flo Rida — give him gifts like a custom jet car for Christmas.

Rozay took to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday (December 27) to show off the lavish gift he received from his fellow Miami rapper.


The pink and black car from JetCar Sales, which can also be driven on water, features the logo of the wine brand Luc Belaire — which Rick Ross endorses — on the side.

“Just pulling back my Christmas gift from my brother Flo Rida,” he said in the video. “Flo just gave me that official, this a real jet ski. Jet Car Official, come on baby. Give it to me, Jet Car Official. And if they want one of these, where can they get one from? Oh, you already know I’m gonna tag Jet Car Official.”

Rick Ross Adds Enormous Monster Truck To His Ridiculous Car Collection

Rick Ross Adds Enormous Monster Truck To His Ridiculous Car Collection

He added: “This fly right here. You already know. Y’all know who I’ma have in this with me, you know what I mean? We finna turn up. As soon as I get back from Dubai, it’s going down.

“So when y’all see me on the water, when you see the Luc Belaire race mobile, oh, it’s going down. It’s going down. Flo Rida, Freezy, much love. You already know.”


As for Lil Baby, he’s not exactly strapped for cash himself. Back in September, the P4L rapper showed off his six-figure win that totaled out to a cool $187k.

“I wanted a M but this will do just as fine,” he wrote, adding, “Gambling until 3pm is disturbing though.”


The big win came just after Lil Baby got roasted online for awkwardly firing weapons at a shooting range.