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Rick Ross isn’t waiting for the new year to start training and is already hitting the weights to get a head start on his workout goals.

While Rozay is working up a sweat, his girlfriend Cristina Mackey is getting a kick out of seeing her man exhausted.


Mackey, who is a personal coach herself, shared a video earlier this week of Ross exercising and the Biggest Boss’ commentary had her in stitches.

Attempting to ignore his girlfriend, Rozay locked in for a few reps of bicep curls as she recorded him while rocking an Ice Cube t-shirt during the outdoor workout.


“Babe, be for real. Come on, be serious,” she pleaded.

He fired back mid-rep: “A n-gga being serious, come on now! You see a n-gga bicep, tricep, come on now. This a 25-pounder. I’m doing this shit like it’s eight pounds. Kilimanjaro, might get to the top of Kili!”

Ross added in the comment section: “kili here we come!”

Fans and peers jumped into the comments with encouraging words, including Jim Jones who commented, “Let’s go!”


A fan chimed in: “@richforever she the one for bro this the one you settle down with she looks like she cares about your health and well being and them old school values hard to find in a women these day!”

Earlier this month, Rick Ross declared it was his goal for 2024 to climb to the top of the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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Rick Ross Lookalike Goes Viral After Fooling White Woman: ‘I Played The Part’

Taking to his Instagram Stories, the Bawse revealed that he and his trainer will be taking the trek in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania early in the new year – and he has a game plan should anything go awry.

“I mentioned on the podcast last year we was climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro,” he said while jogging.


“It’s official. Early 2024 it’s going down. [We’re getting in the] best shape of our lives [for this]. Promise I won’t fall out on you muthafuckas. Promise. And guess what? I swear Imma wear my watch and if I pull that pin on it, in one hour that helicopter will be there for us.”