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Rihanna and RXKNephew might have the best TikTok ever

(L) Rihanna. Photo via Apple (R) RXKNephew. Photo by Deawnne Buckmire


When I think of the best Vines ever, it’s usually something funny by Irham and the guy who backflipped a Krispy Kreme sign off the wall. When TikTok is dead and buried, either by the federal government or the sands of time, it will have amassed a library of videos far greater than Vine ever came close to. Whenever that happens, I have a feeling that the video Rihanna posted yesterday will be on my shortlist.

Shot from her POV and captioned “quiet luxury,” the brief clip just shows Rihanna walking for a few steps with a massive diamond on her toe. Crucially, the video has an RXKNephew song as its soundtrack. Specifically, “I Love My Girlfriend,” the song where Neph celebrates finding a woman as larcenous and depraved as he is. Compared to Rihanna’s recent Super Bowl halftime show, the TikTok is a more stylish flex with bigger attitude at just 38-seconds long and costing just a fraction of that performance. If this is the energy she’s bringing to whatever new music she’s making (including the Smurfs soundtrack), then I’m more excited than I have been in awhile.