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Rosalía and Björk share new song “Oral”

“Oral” screenshot



Björk and Rosalía have shared a video for “Oral,” a new collaboration released for charity. Proceeds from the song will go towards fighting the increase in open-net salmon fishing in Björk’s home country of Iceland. Ecologists believe the practice threatens the long-term future of the country’s fjords and native wildlife. Scroll down to see the video, directed by Carlota Guerrero, now.

“Oral” is produced by Sega Bodega though it is not entirely new. Björk first wrote the song in the 1990s but deemed it too pop-leaning to appear on her album Vespertine. She returned to the demo while on tour in Australia this year, however, and decided to turn it into a duet with Rosalía.

“It’s totally that moment when you’ve met someone, and you don’t know if it’s friendship or something more,” Björk told Rolling Stone in October. “So you become, I guess, aroused. And you become very aware of your lips. That’s maybe why I called the song ‘Oral.’ You don’t know what the consequences are if you act. Sometimes fantasy can be amazing, and that’s enough.”