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It appears that an early discharge from his sentence of two years in prison isn’t in the plans for 2021’s HipHopDX Rising Star Sheff G.

The Brooklyn drill rapper was sentenced to the sentence in October 2021 , after having pleaded guilty to the crime of the possession of a weapon in criminal court at the 2nd degree. In an Instagram post on the Instagram Stories the day before (November 16) He let his fans know that he would not return home until later.

“Damn parole denied me my early release,” the man wrote. “Shout out to all the fans, I love y’all #FreeMe #FreeAllTheGuys.”

In the summer the another rapper, Brooklyn rapper 22Gz posted on a now deleted tweet the claim that Sheff had been “extorted” while in jail. 22Gz replied to the claims via an Instagram post, disproving that any kind of incident occurred.

“Done hurd I turn this and that .. done hurd im getting extorted and allat lies and rumors that the broke dirty and worthless has made up Imao, whats next?” He wrote.

“N-ggas better inquire with anyone they meet in upstate prisons what they know about me! Million dollar nigga chilling throughout the general public has never been criticized with the boomerang effect. only ya got ya name and the word .. My name is not tainted and my track record is a testimony to my character… Mr first line of combat … Mr. Movie himself!”

According to court documents, Sheff G was taken into custody in August of 2020 for being the driver of 2 Nassau County Police Department cars in a fast chase through a peaceful Long Island town. He drove through an intersection and smashed the front of a woman’s car prior to colliding with the trees in the suburban backyard. The victim, Alexia Friend, filed an action against Sheff G for causing harm to her brand new Cadillac in October of 2020.

“After the collision, [Friend] exited her car and observed that [Sheff G’s] vehicle continued traveling down Kings Point Road, where it then struck a tree, and was swarmed by police vehicles, which apparently had been in hot pursuit of the speeding Defendant,” the lawyer of Friend, Marc Battipaglia, wrote in an motion at the time.

Since being imprisoned, Sheff has been playing games. In March Sheff was the RCA signee posted an image of him enjoying gaming GTA V on a PlayStation 4 within the Robert N. Davoren Center which is part of Rikers Island.

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The Winners Circle crew continues to remain strong in support of Sheff out there, releasing music and images in homage to their prison member.

Check out the video for”Steppas Freestyle” below “Steppas Freestyle”” below.