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Shy Glizzy has released a new visual for his song “Steppin On Shit,” while remaining quiet about sexual assault allegations that allegedly took place at his last video shoot.

The new clip arrived Wednesday (January 4), just days after Only Fans creator Sky Bri accused the D.C. rapper of sexual misconduct during filming for his “White Girl” video. In addition to alleging that Shy Glizzy spent the entire shoot making advances at her and forced her to take drugs, the model also said that he refused to pay her because she would not perform oral sex on him.

With “Steppin On Shit” having originally been released on November 18, the song makes no mention of the recent accusations. Instead, the video sees Shy Glizzy alternately dancing around a private residence and in front of shops on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, while performing the light-hearted, braggadocious single.

Watch Shy Glizzy’s “Steppin On Shit” video below:

Prior to sharing a snippet of the video on his Twitter and Instagram profiles, the Glizzy Gang leader had remained absent on social media, even in the midst of a week that saw Sky Bri’s accusations supported by a member of his crew.

Earlier this week, Ant Glizzy echoed Sky’s claims and said he and the “Like That” rapper had been known to “spike a couple of bottles” over the past 15 years.

“Any girl that ever been around the Glizzy Gang, just think about when y’all got drunk, y’all was super drunk,” Ant said on Instagram Live. “It’s a #MeToo movement. He been doing this shit for 10 years, I swear to God. It’s at least 20 people that’s gonna come out and say this shit.”

He continued: “I been told y’all these stories. I told y’all he spike them. He been doing this shit for 15 years on GQ. Like, any girl that ever drunk with the Glizzy Gang at a club or at a table, you was extra drunk. All you gotta do is ask him.”

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While Shy Glizzy has not directly responded to either set of accusations, Sky Bri said that he reached out to her over the weekend after she had shared the details of their encounter on TikTok.

The disturbing accusations are just the latest controversy to befall the Glizzy Gang. In December, Taliban Glizzy was arrested by the Secret Service after reportedly being under federal surveillance for over a year.

According to documents obtained by AllHipHop, Taliban Glizzy was arrested during a traffic stop on December 12 and charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

In addition to guns, Taliban Glizzy was also found with diamond earrings, an Oyster Perpetual Rolex watch and more than $17,000 at the time of his arrest.